Magnetic Palette




A fun range of storage palette to help beauty lovers – ‘customise, organise and simplify’ their make-up
stash. No more carrying bulky packaged make-up products; just – Depot and consolidate all of your
favourite products into one palette. You can also customise and build your own palette by picking single
refill pans of eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers, highlighters, contour powders etc from your favourite
brands. The palette helps you see your product with a clear window including magnetic base and
magnetic closure.

Dimensions :

Outside : 8.07 ” L  x  4.92 ” W  x  0.58 ” D

Inside : 7.41 ” L  x  3.93 ” W  x  0.24 ” D

Fits 21 standard eyeshadows and 2 brushes.


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